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Before departure from Japan

There is a procedure that an Akita dog departs to overseas from Japan. We pick up some important points by showing photos. The most important thing is the treatment by a veterinarian. We get the guarantee by a veterinarian the Akita dog doesn't have problem concern the health. And the veterinarian deals with installation of micro tip, inoculation of combination vaccine, vaccination against rabies and X-ray photography as needed.

And 2nd step, we submit the health certificate by the veterinarian and the application for export inspection of dog under the rabies prevention law and the domestic animal infectious diseases control law to the ministry of health, labour and welfare animal quarantine in international airport of Japan.

For example, a puppy will be inoculated rabies vaccine after no earlier than the 91days old and to leave Japan after keeping 21 days (by country 2 weeks) after inoculated rabies vaccine in general. But some countries don't allow to admit one into the country so long as antibody test of rabies vaccine. It is for confirmation that the puppy has an antibody or not by the vaccine. If it will be done the antibody test, the puppy will stay longer days in Japan.

You (customer) and we (exporter) have to examine in advance about the rule of each country's animal quarantine. If you and we will not do it, Akita puppy may not be able to entry into a country or depart from Japan. We always send in advance the documents to be submitted to the animal quarantine. If the animal quarantine will check our documents to be submitted in advance, our exporting puppy will be able to depart from Japan without hindrance.


Look at the photo located to the left. A veterinary is installing a micro tip to an Akita dog. The micro tip is the general way for individual recognition. The labeled site, in other words the part of installing micro tip is back part as genaral.


Look at the photo located to the left. It has installed the micro tip and watching the individual identification number by a reader.It shows that the micro tip was installed perfectly. The Akita dog was given the number 392141000020977.

The micro tip prevalent also in Japan. And if an Akita dog depart from Japan, the installing is indispensable. If an Akita dog was installed the micro tip, animal quarantine in Japan never agree the departure.




Look at the photo located to the left. It inoculates combination vaccine. There are some kinds of combination vaccines. It is "Canine-8" produced by "Kyoto Biken". It inclludes 8 kinds of vcaccines.


Look at the photo located to the left. A   veterinary is inoculating the combination vaccine.Incidentally, "Canine-8" makes up with the vaccines against canine distemper,infectious canine hepatitis, dog infectious laryngotracheitis, canine parainfluenza, canine parvovirus infection and 3 kinds of dog Leptospira infection.


The veterinary is shooting X-ray of an Akita dog's hip joint. European fanciers are very sensitive about that hip joint is normal or abnormal. almost they say,"If the Akita dog's hip point is abnormal, I will never buy the Akita". The point is different from Japanese veteran fanciers. There isn't the the custom in Japan about the shooting X-ray when they sell Akita dog. So we ask the veterinaryto shoot X-ray when the customer hope to shoot X-ray. Look at the photo located to the left. It looks like heavy. But Akita dog of warm personality isn't upset.


Look at the photo located to the left. It is the X-ray of hip joint. Especially important thing is that there isn't the gap and slippage in the joint's part at the base of both legs.

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