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Failure case of the control for development

We'd like to introduce you little based a real case about the control for development of newborn Akita puppies. A breeder of Akita dogs took over an breast-feeding Akita puppy from a friend of Akita's breeders. Few puppies lived in the kennel which were one week younger than the "new face". The breeder who took over a puppy joined the puppy into the group. It was the wrong in the first place. The reason why a little big one joined into the little small pupies yet. 

Even if mother Akita dog looks like to give her milk to her puppies, there are individual differences and sometimes there is difference between physique of the puppies. And there is the smallest puppy by the with sucking mother's milk the reason why the puppy was the small from the beginning.

We go back to the subject. The puppy which came from another breeder had the power more than other puppies. Because the puppy was older than about one week. So the puppy monopolized the breast milk by push away other puppies. The puppy grew while looking on in blank at the result. And It opened physique among the puppy and others to as much as twice. Incidentally, there are 4 puppies except the big one. The 4 puppies fell into poor development. And one of them expanded the abdomen like a bunch of starvation. When this happens,there is a possibility that the puppies except big one will not be able to grow up smoothly.

A big veteran who lives our home town advises,"there is a body gap even the brothers and sisters which were born same time. Even more, it is matter of course that the big puppy as new face will be bigger than others. So never join another puppy into other puppies. It will be broken the the balance for growth and development."

May be the veteran breeders make mistakes like that. But it can not be said that there is no absolutely For any reason. Some mother dogs reject to the joined a different puppy. But some mother dogs give milk without prejudice. At any rate, we have to pay close attention until mother dog raises her puppies safely.

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