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Brother and sister's personality

The popularity of Tora (mixed black and white stripe) has been growing in Japan. So we'd like to introduce you that Tora's appearance is different even if in the Japanese say "doutai"= was born in same day and same mother = more than red Akita dog.

Please look at 5 photos below. The 5 puppies are "doutai" when they were 30 days after birth. The number of @ and A are males. And other 3 puppies are females. The puppy of C has the thickest white line in her forehead. And the puppy of A has the thinnest white line in his forehead. It is generally the white line will be thin little by little. So the white line of A will be disappear or remain slightly.

Look at the mixed level of black and white. C is the brightest shade. And wide area of white color is D. She looks like wearing white sox.

The noses of A and D are Japanese say "Hanakake". It is the meaning there are white parts in the nose. It will changed perfect black as they grow.

The hair color from side of nose to mouse is that A and B are black base. Other puppies are surrounded by white color. If you will see the 5 puppies roughly, it will not be easy to distinguish each puppies. But if you will observe carefully, you can find each personality. Each their faces are different just like each person's faces are different.

The puppies don't have superiority or inferiority concern the "life". But if there is a point of view concern the "contest", it will make the rank at the same time as birth. The rank change frequently when they are puppies. In particular Tora is difficult to distinguish superiority from inferiority more than red and white puppies.

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