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Keeping good condition mother's body

There are breeders who can keep good conditon or not for mother's body of Akita dog. So we'd like to argue little how to keep good condiotn for fine breeding. 

There is good preparation for mother's body of Akita dog who will give birth. Let's change from water to milk before giving birth. The milk will be material for breast milk. So Changing from water to milk will be useful to give thick and rich breast milk to her puppies. It will differs in no small way to puppy's growth depending on the milk or water.  

And there is the important thing after birth. It is the timing to separate the puppies from mother. We'd like to propose that you will separate the puppies from mother at about 40 days after giving birth for independence and prompt the wean. It is also the timing for changing over to dog food.

To take an example of giving dog food to Akita dog, one of big veterans who lives our home town, he doesn't give dry dog food as it is. He gives dog food after moderately soak in lukewarm water. It will be gentle for Akita dog's stomach and also hydration. And if you will add the milk into dog food, it has an effect on under 60 days puppy for promotion of appetite and growth promotion.

But if mother or puppies or both have diarrhea, we must stop to give them the milk. They have lactase persistence or not affected heavily to have diarrhea or not. If mother or puppies have not lactase persistence, it is one of the methods that you will change to dairy products of dog only. 

If the puppies live with mother long sluggishly, the puppies don't stop to nag breast milk. It will burden to mother's nipple in spite of drying up her breast milk and it happens rarely be injured her nipple. We someteimes find the breeders who agree that mother and puppies live together over 80 days since giving birth. It isn't fine reason why mother will be exhausted. And it's hard for mother to recovery from the condition of haggard and will be short age to give birth.

 Mother will be able to avoid haggard above a certain level by bring forward become independent of puppies. Healthy Akita female will be able to crossbreed and give birth until about 8 years old by to make a habit of such the way. Because mother isn't worn away too much.

Please see below. There is a photo of Akita mother dog after her puppies care. Her puppies have moved to another kennel at about 40 days since birth. There isn't impatience after puppies care from her. We feel strong from her rather. It will be able to do next breeding and birth with enough physical strength. And it will be directly linked to mother's longevity. 

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