Hachiko Club

We live in 
birthplace of
Akita dog.

Iam Hachiko.
Iwas born in Akita.

We don't handle cheap dogs. We export only high grade Akita. It's our pride as birthplace of Akita.

Our message
We develop Akita dog's trade business"Hachiko Club", getting the advice of excellent members of Akita dog preservation Society Inc. 
We hope Akita dog will be more famous in all over the world by our business action. 
Akita dog is more meek and smart than other kind of dogs. 
And he follows to his owner. 
Because the owner is always especially exist in Akita dog's mind. 
Their ancestor were born in Odate city, Akita prefecture. 
Japanese government appointed their as the important natural dog in 1931. 
You know Hachiko's story is so famous in Japan and over sea. 
He loved his owner in his deep mind. 
Our hope is Akita dog will be loved by people of all over the world, and Hachiko's wonderful story will do over again in 21 century. 
It is just Hachiko Club's truth mind.
You and your family want to live with Akita dog. 
You want to live with Akita dog in your life of climax in many situations.
Please enjoy your life with a wonderful Akita dog.

The standard color of Akita dog
The color is tiger. Japanese say "Tora". It is the mixed color with black and white. There are very few in over sea. But many Japanese owners say "Tiger is just Akita dog of Akita dogs".
Because the color balance is the most difficult in the kind of Akita dog.
The color is red. Japanese say "Aka". It is the most natural color of Akita dog. Hachiko had the color.
The color is white.Japanese say "Shiro". If you can keep the dog clean, the dog is the most beautiful in all kind of Akita dog's color.

The great Akita dogs

His name is Tenshi.
He is the champion
of all Japan.

His name is Gobouhibiki.
He is the champion 
of all Japan.

His name is Gobouhomare.
He got the 3rd prize 
of all Japan.

His name is Kozirou.
He got the victories 4 times 
in the competions of Japanese districts.