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By English

The Unwritten Tiger Scroll of the Lost Master (2)

This column is a sequel to the previously published "The Unwritten Tiger Scroll of the Lost Master" (1).I would like to touch on some new information that was whispered to me by Akita dog enthusiasts in Akita prefecture who had exchanged ideas with local Akita dog experts and which appeared as a fresh surprise to me.

The previous column included the idea that the "Tiger Scroll" on Akita dog breeding and management, which was very rare even nationwide, would no longer be released due to the death of the Akita dog expert in 2013.

However, this individual, who was also known as the "most demanding judge in the country," battled multiple illnesses such as chronic renal failure and diabetes and continued to diligently write the manuscript for the "Tiger Scroll" until his later years. Although he had previously told the author of this column that "once you're over 80, you lose the energy to complete anything," he likely continued to write on each sheet of manuscript paper, sacrificing his life to do so.

According to individuals who had contact with the Akita dog expert, including his wife, they say that he left instructions for the completed manuscript to be entrusted to an Akita dog organization. The reason for this decision is unknown, as there is no way to confirm with the deceased expert. However, it is believed that he may have wanted the organization to publish the manuscript as a book and pass down the proper methods of management, breeding, and exhibition of Akita dogs.

However, the current situation seems to deviate from the expert's wishes. There is no information indicating that the Akita dog organization is making efforts to publish the manuscript, and they have not responded to requests from the family to return the manuscript.

Ultimately, nothing seems to be progressing, and the manuscript, which could serve as a "compass" for Akita dog breeders nationwide, remains unpublished. Although it may go against the expert's wishes, it might be ideal to return the manuscript to the author's family and publish it under their supervision. While hoping that the Unwritten Tiger Scroll will be published someday, we will continue to monitor the situation.